Millennial History

By Steve Jackson

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

NY City has agreed to shell out $21,500 to each of the more than 300 protesters who were confined in a set area during the 2020 George Floyd riots across America. Some rioters were batoned and pepper-sprayed in the Bronx but only after ignoring orders to disperse and injuring 1,000 or more officers in the […]

The Demise of the FBI

When I was coming of age in the 1960’s, the FBI were the good guys. When they were summoned, it was to reinforce police investigations, providing muscle if necessary.You felt safer when they were on-scene initiating their own investigations or chasing criminals across state lines, which was one of their Constitutional responsibilities. They performed their […]

Ending the “King of Spending“

The president of the US is not a king. President Biden is doing his best to ignore this Constitutional stricture.     Those of us who were taught in traditional, non-woke classrooms learned that the Constitution separated powers between Congress, which makes laws, and the president, who carries them out. The courts are there to […]

Anti Democratic Voting Scheme

The liberal ideas that start in NY City don’t stop here—even when they should.The latest proof is so-called “ranked-choice voting.”       NY City forced this undemocratic system on its residents in 2021, with painful consequences. Yet rather than learn from NYC and the handful of states with similar problems, liberal activists are demanding […]

Going, Going Gondola!

   It was less than ten years ago that the tourist destination of Venice, Italy was in danger of being totally submerged by the rising waters of the Adriatic Sea. Residents feared that they would have to permanently abandon their native city and move inland Tourists were bemoaning the romantic Gondola rides they would never […]

A Founder for Us All

Though rarely honored these days exactly on February 22, his actual birth date, “President’s Day “ is actually Washington’s official birthday. And that’s entirely right and proper, as every American should happily honor our first chief executive. What was most remarkable about Washington was the content of his character       Richard Brookhiser rescued this […]

Taxpayer Funding for Censorship

The State Department is financing a foreign advocacy group that aims to cut off funding to American journalists. That’s one of the blockbuster revelations in”Disinformation Inc.,” a series of reports by Gabe Kaminsky in the Washington Examiner.     The “ Global Disinformation Index,” or GDI, is a British organization with a pair of US […]

And Justice for All?

 It took four years and nine months before Nikolas Cruz was finally sentenced for the murder of 17 people in the horrific Parkland, Florida massacre.      Too much of the legal system focuses on fairness to the criminal, but the damage to the victims and their families as they wait for trial is tremendous.Those […]

WOKE Canceled

In his victory speech after winning a second gubernatorial term in November, Republican Ron De Santis proclaimed his state of Florida is where “ woke goes to die.” He’s been at war with the ideology since his first term, taking on some of the most powerful organizations, businesses and politicians in the country promoting it […]

To Destroy the United States….

First, you would surrender our prior energy independence. Reduce new gas and oil leases on federal lands to the lowest levels of any president in history. Cut back production at precisely the time the world is emerging from a two-year lockdown with pent-up consumer demand. Make war on coal and nuclear power. Drain the Strategic […]