Millennial History

By Steve Jackson

Big Brother IRS

Most of the following blog is courtesy of the Epoch Times newspaper, a reliable source for factual information largely dealing with current events with historical connections.   

    “He has erected a multitude of new offices, sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”    

     Those were the words of Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, referring to the depredation of King George III. The sentence was part of a long list of grievances that bolstered the argument that England’s king and Parliament were becoming tyrannical.Two and a half centuries later, Democrat Party officials are in lockstep about creating swarms of officers to eat out our substance.   

     On August 7, 2022, the Senate passed the so-called Inflation Reduction Act in a 51-50 vote along party lines The legislation had little to do with reducing inflation and much more to do with funding progressive priorities and—more ominously—doubling the size of the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS currently has 93,654 employees; the Senate-passed legislation would add another 87,000 new hires and would fund the agency about 80 billion dollars more by 2031. Interesting that the Biden Administration is focused on doing this when the nation’s Southern border is a sieve and military recruitment is at an all-time low.  

    Democrat officials and the media toadies insist that the expansion of the IRS is about monitoring the rich and the middle class has nothing to worry about so long as they are following the law. IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig said that the additional funding would not lead to additional audits for those making under 400,000 dollars but when Sen. Mike Crapo(R-Idaho) put forward a bill stipulating that agents could not target those making under 400,000 dollars a year, Democrats unanimously voted against it.   

     Biden and the Democrats know that the big money in America is not in the hands of the rich but in the large but shrinking middle class. The Wall Street Journal explained what the legislation is really about:” The main targets will be by necessity the middle- and upper- middle class because that’s where the money is. The Joint Committee on Taxation, Congress’s official tax scorekeeper, says that from 78-90% of the money raised would likely come from those making less than 200,000 dollars a year. Only 4-9% would come from those making more than 500,000 dollars a year.”  

     The IRS is about to go into”beast mode,” as the Journal explained. It will unleash an army of agents—larger In number than the armies of most NATO countries—to harass and eat out the substance of the poor and middle class, to paraphrase the Declaration of Independence. There are certain to be horror stories about thousands who are put through the ringer by a slow-moving and inept bureaucracy who can afford to wait out their intended targets.   

     Of course, the new overlords in the deep state aren’t fans of the Declaration of Independence. After all the new media narrative has it that the Revolution was a triumph of White Supremacy and Jefferson the poster boy of the white slave- owning aristocracy. Even displaying the symbols of the American founding might get you put on a domestic terrorist watch list at this point in history.    

     It’s hard to shake the feeling that the Biden Administration would use the IRS as an expanded weapon to threaten, intimidate and investigate political foes. Our unaccountable federal agencies are becoming thoroughly politicized.   

    Now one might think it’s reckless to target political foes. After all, that power can be turned around in the other direction after an election, right? Wrong.  

    These agencies only respect and obey one side of the political spectrum Following the demise of the J. Edgar Hoover conservative FBI,those hired as bureaucrats rejected the politics of an earlier age and were heavily influenced by the anti-Vietnam War movement and the outcry against Nixon’s Republicans during the Watergate Crisis.When Trump was in the White House and the Republicans controlled Congress, it was all about the “Resistance .” Now that the Democrats control the levers of power, it’s all about focusing all that government power to reward allies and punish enemies.   

  If the new horde of IRS agents target you and ruin your life it’s because they are” defending democracy,” never mind the details.After all some one has to pay for the “don’t call it a recession “ recession which should greatly concern the majority of the US population.   

    When Biden ran for President in 2020, he was touted as the Great Uniter by a fawning press. If the Biden Administration is able to unleash all these new IRS agents against the American people he will be seen as a successful uniter—successful at uniting the populace in outrage.



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