Tom – Foolery

Talk about ingratitude. Students at the University of Virginia have become the latest young Americans to try to saw off the branch that they are sitting on. In this case, the legacy of Thomas Jefferson.          An article written by the editorial board of the university’s student newspaper says that Thomas Jefferson’s […]

End of an Era: The passing of Queen Elizabeth ll

Great Britain has not only lost the world’s longest reigning monarch as well as the most famous woman on the planet. Her passing also denotes the end of the glory and clout that she represented of the unrivaled British Empire. It still amazes me that England, the approximate size of the state of Alabama, controlled […]

Climate Lies

The Inflation Reduction Act invests 369 billion dollars to take the most aggressive action ever, ever, ever to confront the climate crisis and strengthen our energy security according to President Biden recently at the White House just before signing the IRA into law.       The IRA goes far beyond the massive figure that […]

Educational Warfare

As parents prepare to send their children back to school, many will have to make decisions about their kids’ education that will not only put them on a different trajectory but also impact the public education system, which is being used in too many districts to indoctrinate more than educate.       Stories about drag […]

Inexpert Experts

We used to believe that the world was run by experts who knew what to do. We believed that the best answer to a crisis was to listen to the experts and to what they said because they knew best and had our vested interests in mind.       We were hoodwinked idiots. We […]

Trust Deficit

      Why don’t Americans trust the government and other institutions? Maybe it’s because the government and other institutions aren’t trustworthy. There’s certainly plenty of evidence for both the lack of trust and trustworthiness. And if the trend continues, it bodes poorly for America.       The news is bad on the lack […]

Opting Out

“Suppose they gave a war and nobody came” That was a slogan of the 1960’s anti-war movement. Now it’s becoming a reality, at least for the United States Army, as recruiting woes mount. The problem is a simple one: Not enough people want to be soldiers and with good reason.       The Army’s No.2 […]

Illegal Immigration and US cities

Big-city Democratic mayors such as New York’s Eric Adams and DC’s Muriel Bowser have realized, suddenly, that illegal immigrants are straining their social safety nets. They’re accusing Texas Governor Greg Abbott, but there’s only one person to blame: President Biden. It was only ever the Biden government that did this, starting on inauguration day 2021, […]

Enviro Fish Tale

This blog is credited to Humberto Fontova, an author and serious outdoorsman from New Orleans.The main idea to be gleaned from this essay is that despite all the blather to the contrary oil rigs don’t harm marine life — they actually help it to thrive.                     […]


Most of this blog is courtesy of Deroy Murdock, a columnist I read regularly in the New York Post. He provides some background to the new federal holiday as well as some success stories of famous, semi-famous and obscure Black Americana. America recently marked our second Juneteenth national holiday. Some will focus on the severe […]