Millennial History

By Steve Jackson

Final Jeopardy?

Answer: 434 federal agencies. Question: What is killing democracy in America?  

   I used to laugh at the “democratic “ elections in the now-defunct CCCP i.e. the old Soviet Union. Their Presidential elections mirrored ours with a slate of candidates from which to choose. Only one problem: They were only selected from the Communist Party! The definition of a fake election. We have the real thing here-a plebiscite of the people-or do we?  

    The administrative state has been quietly waging a war on America for a long time, especially after the demise of J. Edgar Hoover who made sure that the FBI and other agencies were firm supporters of truth, justice and the American Way. Because the Vietnam War and the Watergate Scandal made the government look bad the newer members of the federal bureaucracy became largely leftist in nature and now dominate the administrative state.  

    Fast forward to 2020 and the COVID pandemic. Looking for answers, President Donald Trump, somewhat unwittingly, unleashed the power of the deep state as he wrestled with the pandemic and his upcoming re-election. When presidential advisor Jared Kushner needed advice on how much Trump should lock down the country, his first call was to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who was the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration Today Gottlieb sits on the Pfizer board of directors and is a de facto lobbyist for Big Pharma. Gottlieb told Kushner to be more stringent than Trump wanted. His major piece of advice: Take away as many rights and liberties as you can get away with! Of course Trump’s main henchman turned out to be debunked serial liar Anthony Fauci, who seemed to revel in his power position over the 330,000,000 subjects he now commanded with his constantly changing rules and regulations based on what he claimed was “the science.”  

      This permanent and unelected class of rulers is called the administrative state, or, more colloquially, the Deep State.It exists at the federal level, the state level and at the city level. In the COVID-19 crisis, they all worked together out of their own interests. The main actors were people never elected. They were appointed bureaucrats. Most of them can’t be fired. They have permanent jobs with high incomes and benefits. Their power seems to exceed that of the politicians and certainly more power than you and I. And over everything to the point that they can say whether you can attend church or whether your children can play with friends. They locked us in our homes, closed our churches, schools, and businesses. They restricted travel, wrecked our economy, and segregated entire cities based on whether a person had taken a medicine like some dystopian movie.Every American citizen must learn the hard lessons of the past 31 months.  

     This isn’t just a system. We pay the price of a shattered economy every day now: rent,gas, grocery bills and job loss. All this wreckage that you see today traces back to what they did. It’s the reason why your child is behind in language, math and reading skills. It’s why your grandmother died alone and no one could attend her funeral. It could be why your friend’s husband died suddenly or why your brother has a crisis-level addiction to weed, liquor or pills.  

      There’s another layer of the Deep State that’s not employed by government.It lives in the private sector that’s well-connected. Besides the Gottliebs and Faucis of the world, add to that list Bill Gates. During the hysteria surrounding the mandatory vaccination controversy Gates gave an interview in which he said” If the government rounds you up for quarantine in a stadium, you have no choice but go.” And so to if the government says you have to take this shot you have no choice. “ People act as if they have a choice, but they do not,” he said. No system of self-government by the people, can exist with this type of demagogue exercising such power.  

     So what can the “red wave” of the present Congress do about this looming and ongoing catastrophe? Cut the 434 agencies down to about 200 getting rid of- not reducing-this number much the way these agencies fired thousands of “non-essential “ workers such as nurses, firemen and the military who refused the bogus mandates of the lockdown bureaucratic state. It would be sweet revenge and a step away from authoritarian control. Up to now there has been no momentum to initiate such a house cleaning Now is the time to start!



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