Millennial History

By Steve Jackson

The Blob

The Blob is a 1958 American science fiction horror film that has become an iconic classic starring Steve McQueen in his first feature film leading role. The film concerns a carnivorous alien amoeba that crashes to earth from outer space. It begins its carnage feeding on the arm of a man who discovers it. It starts to grow with successive human feedings and eventually envelops an entire town as an out-of-control monster.

McQueen discovers that the only weapon that can stop the growth and movement of the blob is cold. A brigade of citizenry surround and freeze the creature using fire extinguishers. The Air Force is called in and loads the Blob on a pallet and is flown to an Arctic ice field where it is not dead but permanently immobilized ” as long as the Arctic stays cold” says McQueen, suggesting the Blob might return.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with the state of the real world. It is my opinion that the free world is being threatened by a modern day Blob, that is slowly but inexorably sucking the life out of the world as we know it, posing an existential threat to all that the free world holds near and dear. I am talking about Communist China, the new Blob. China’s most insidious and widespread blob-like attack is through their BRI( Belt and Road Initiative).

To keep it pithy, China offers loans to nations then creates a debt trap of exorbitant payback rates. Countries will eventually default in loan repayment so the Chinese “settle” for removing natural resources from these countries while seeking new areas of expansion. By the way they are following the model of the old British Empire that used this method to colonize the world. According to my sources, of the world’s 195 countries, 146 have signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with the Chinese Communist Party.

These countries of the BRI are spread across the continents–43 countries in Sub–Saharan Africa, 34 in Europe and Central Asia(including 18 in the European Union), 25 countries in East Asia and the Pacific, 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, 18 countries in the Middle East and North Africa and 6 countries in South East Asia. As Great Britain once ruled the world, this is China’s goal by 2049, the centennial celebration of the Communist takeover of mainland China.

The current war in Ukraine has granted another opportunity for the new Blob: Russia. Russia is the world’s gas station but sanctions are hurting the Russian economy especially their exports. China has agreed to buy Russian oil and wheat to feed its ever-growing population. Putin of Russia thinks that he and China have an equal status relationship

The reality is that China will turn Russia into a vassal state and absorb Russia’s natural resources just as the Blob absorbed human beings in the movie. The ultimate meal for the Blob would be to swallow up the US, which they are on the road to accomplishing. By owning our debt and stealing our technology they are getting closer to calling the shots here–without firing one!! Look at how our corporations and pro sports leagues genuflect to the Blob.

Somehow the Chinese have come to own nearly two BILLION dollars worth of American farmland. Disgusting! The biggest threat to our superpower status is the talk now that the Yuan(Chinese dollar) may supplant our dollar as the standard of exchange for international trade and commerce. Should this occur it could only be a matter of time until China does call the shots and we become a subservient nation. The Blob will engulf its biggest prize. Can we deep-freeze this Blob before it is too late?



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