Millennial History

By Steve Jackson

US Lifestyle at Risk

President Biden insists he won’t negotiate a deal to limit future government spending in exchange for hiking the debt limit. But Biden’s out of touch. A staggering 86% of registered voters polled say Democrats should agree to negotiate, including nearly 50% of his own party. A majority call Biden’s spending “ loose and reckless “ in the Harvard-Harris poll. Truth is, the Biden administration’s European-style agenda of government benefits will be paid for out of working people’s earnings. They’ll get to keep less to spend on themselves. 

   Look at Europe to see what’s coming. The average home in the United States is nearly 2,200 square feet. An average home in the United Kingdom is a minuscule 818 square feet, in Finland 880 square feet, and in Germany less than 1,200 square feet. Cramped. Americans have bigger houses and a higher standard of living—more appliances, clothing, and cars—largely because they keep more of what they earn. The US is a low-tax nation. For now.  

    Europeans, in comparison, have to fork over more of their earnings to the government. They enjoy paid maternity leave, free health care, nearly free college and many other government benefits. But they settle for a lower standard of living.   

     In the US, two-thirds of the nations gross domestic product is spent on things people want for themselves—cars,computers, housing, furniture, vacations, you name it. In Europe, only 50% goes to these things. Government sucks up the other half. Workers in Europe spend half the workday toiling to prop up their government’s socialistic programs.  

      Advocates for a liberal welfare state slam our so-called conspicuous consumption and argue we should adopt the European way of life. Americans who disagree and don’t want to trade their take-home pay for cradle-to-grave benefits need to loudly and quickly speak up!  

     Democrats posit a false narrative that by “taxing the rich” big government programs will be paid for without taking a dollar out of your pocket Malarkey! as our current President is want to say Endless studies indicate there are not enough rich people to pay for the interminable programs the Democrats keep trotting out.  

        Manhattan Institute economist Brian Riedl added up all the extra money that would be produced from proposals from AOC, Liz Warren, and Bernie Sanders put together the income can not close the budget gap much less pay for the new programs of the Biden nanny-state agenda. Paying for that agenda would actually require draining the middle class. “If America wants to spend like Europe, it must tax like Europe—and that means large payroll and value-added taxes on the middle class,” says Riedl. 

     Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claims raising the debt ceiling should be automatic. “ This is something you can’t bargain or negotiate.” That’s BS! History proves that the expiration of the debt ceiling, which happens every year or two, is the biggest opportunity to rein in Washington spendaholics. Over the last 38 years, Congress has hammered out eight laws to control spending. All eight were tied to debt-ceiling hikes.  

      At stake in this current debt-ceiling struggle is preserving what sets the US apart from Europe. In the US, working people get to keep most of what they earn and decide how to spend it.  

      Don’t let Washington politicians treat your paycheck as if it belongs to them.



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