Millennial History

By Steve Jackson

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

NY City has agreed to shell out $21,500 to each of the more than 300 protesters who were confined in a set area during the 2020 George Floyd riots across America. Some rioters were batoned and pepper-sprayed in the Bronx but only after ignoring orders to disperse and injuring 1,000 or more officers in the ensuing melee.“Unlawfully confined “ rioters received an extra $2,500 dollars. Rather than litigate the defendant’s cases the judges appeased the rioters at the expense of the taxpayers.

   They(the rioters) advertised the protest with FTP-Fuck the police and put it out on social media with the statement,”We talking about a revolution god dammit!”

    It was scheduled for June 4, 2020, at 6:30 pm in Mott Haven, The Bronx. That itself was a provocation close to the 8pm curfew that the city had imposed after a week of looting and rioting in the other boroughs of the City following the killing of George Floyd.  

    The image on the flyer: An NYPD van in flames. Now taxpayers are footing the bill. People who took to the streets to harass the police are being paid because they provoked the police.

    It had been a week of protests and marches, which tied up NYC and allowed cover for criminals intent on looting and vandalizing. Even progressive then-Mayor Bill De Blasio had had enough and instituted the curfew.

     The first two nights, that rule was widely ignored as then-Governor Cuomo did not call out the National Guard and Senator Schumer, the left-wing US Senator from New York, sat on his hands and for once in his life passed up an open microphone, he being a notorious publicity hog. But as their city decomposed in front of their eyes   both Schumer and Cuomo were more concerned with scoring points with the anarchists. Shameful! A couple of progressive lawyers were caught with Molotov cocktails Cops were spat on and called “pigs” and many police vehicles went up in flames.Lighters, gas masks, hammers and fireworks were confiscated by the NYPD from the 300.

    Then-Police Commissioner Dermot Shea received inside information that this was more than a protest March-it was an attempt to tear down society, part of a much larger radical agenda. As the clock struck 8pm, the police rushed in to “kettle “ the mob into a confined area. Of the 300, none were seriously hurt and were freed within several hours. The protesters were begging to be arrested.The entire purpose of this protest was to garner media attention and prolonging the “Revolution.” Mott Haven was merely the latest flashpoint.

     The police finally had enough after a week of mayhem and cleared the streets This only led to the chant of ‘ our rights have been violated.’ If this settlement goes through, it will be the largest per-person settlement for a class-action lawsuit arising from a mass arrest in NY City history and will set a dangerous precedent. In a world not turned upside down, they wouldn’t receive a dime.

   And what has the defunding the police movement gotten from all the protests and riots of 2020? More gang violence and the death of many more mostly black men in urban areas as well as the mass exodus of people from once popular destinations such as New York City and State.

    The larger issue is this: How does a nation survive when when two polar opposite work against each other at the same time when they are supposed to be on the same page? On one hand, you have the police, who are doing their best to maintain order and allow the citizenry to, as the Preamble to the Constitution states” have the Right to Life,” living in a manner of their choosing. Juxtaposed now is a growing and resistant activist , woke ‘defund the police’ ‘judiciary literally rewarding bad behavior!

     If you project into the future where this dichotomy may be heading, the famous lines of Lincoln’s “House Divided..” speech  may ultimately and unfortunately prove to be prescient “A House Divided….Can not stand….”



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